Sunil Weaving Works

Company Description:

Sunil Weaving Works is a well known trading company in India that offers masterbatches manufactured by Plastiblends India Limited. Sunil Weaving Works started in 1965 and has been serving customers for over 50 years.

Work Done:

  • Designed custom website templates and layouts
  • Added subtle animations to various webpages
  • Designed a gallery to display products
  • Integrated and enabled basic SEO

Optimization Results:



“I was looking for someone who could develop a personalized and unique website for me. I come from a background where I have no knowledge of how to design a website. That’s when I came to know about Redsence. When I approached them, they took lot of time to first understand what I want from them. After taking note of all my requirements, they gave me a quote and created a website just the way I wanted. I can’t believe I have my own website now which is simple yet stylish. Thanks a lot Redsence for your help and constant support.”
Sunil M.

Co-Owner, Sunil Weaving Works