Samuel Shin Photography

Company Description:

Sam, owner of Samuel Shin Photography, is an Art and Architectural photographer who travels and captures very unique, artistic images!

Work Done:

  • Integrated menu on the side of the website
  • Added webpages to showcase featured photos by category
  • Integrated woo commerce into the website
“My experience with Redsence was a very good one. I’m so glad I chose to get my photography website made. Right from the start it was good, friendly, thorough service. [At first] I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. First I emailed 3 web designers and I chose Redsence because they were more friendly and thorough [at] communicating. I was a little worried about our distance because I live in Maryland and they live in California but it wasn’t a problem at all. Everything was easy on my part. They were also very nice to talk to on the phone about the website. We quickly worked together and the website came out better than I had imagined. Their suggestions and recommendations came in handy.”
Samuel Shin

Owner, Samuel Shin Photography