Why Having a Modern Website is Crucial for Your Business

by | Jun 1, 2018 | Miscellaneous

Today’s post will discuss why it is so important to have a modern website for your business. If you are running a business today, there is no question you need a website to establish an online presence. More people are using the internet today than ever before. As such, your clients are looking for answers online and if you have no website to provide them, you best believe their business is going elsewhere.

To have a successful business, not only do you need to excel higher than your competitors, you also need your clients to be able to find your business. People are not physically going out anymore to search around and waste time. They are searching for what they need online and they need to find you.

Use a Modern Website to Establish an Online Presence

One simple way to get the word out on you and your business is by having a website. According to a 2017 report, by the start of 2018, 95% of people in North America have access to the internet – that is almost 350 million people! In other words, having a strong online presence provides opportunity to reach new clients. A website is an avenue to advertise who you are, what your mission is, and most importantly what your business has to offer. You can display your products, your services, special events, business logistics, and much more. At the end of the day, a website can bring in more revenue, more potential clients, and ultimately more business.

What a Website can do for You

Having a website for your business offers many unique benefits that would not be available to you otherwise. First, all information about your business is at one centralized location. Clients no longer need to search the internet or scour ads to find your business operation hours, your contact information, etc. Next, if your business requires users to have a personalized account to access your product – you can enable and manage that functionality all within a website as well. Furthermore, if your business requires you to sell products of any kind, you can set up an online store so your customers can shop electronically and never have to leave their house to make a purchase. Some other useful benefits are including links to social media to advance your online presence, making your website responsive (or mobile friendly) so customers can check out your website on the go, and so much more.

Hopefully, you now understand some of the benefits a website can offer. This is why it is critical for every business to have a website; especially nowadays. If you are one of the 45% of small business owners that do not have a website, it is time to make a change.

Final Tips, Tricks, and Resources

  • If you’d like to see some modern website Redsence has built, check out our Portfolio to see what your new website could look like!

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